River Church Alabama | Everything is Turning Out Amazing!
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Everything is Turning Out Amazing! What a peculiar, if not simplistically optimistic statement about the future? But, if the Bible is not the gospel, which is good news, where do we get to enjoy it?

Heaven, they say. That’s when we can quit worrying about the future, the devil, the politicians, our boss, our kids, the neighbors……

But! The Lord Jesus also said, the [devil] has come to steal, kill and destroy [on earth and right now], but I have come that they [everyone on earth and right now] might have life and have it in the overflow and more than enough. Remember: the statement He made is that while the devil brings hell on earth, Jesus HAS ALREADY come to bring life. Who gets it? Christians. Born-again believers. Those re-Fathered from above. The family of God.

If Scripture can’t prove it, then nobody can know the future. The Word of God is ALL there is to know ANYTHING about EVERYTHING! Feelings, experience, traditions, and opinions are NOT a Authority! What people are used to, yes! But none are backed by the death and resurrection of the virgin-born and sinless Son of God, who gave His life to validate the Word.


The Lord Jesus said to His disciples [and us] in John 16:33,
….these things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
V33 might have peace is also translated prosperity and supply

V33 shall have tribulation refers to trouble, pressure and distress

V33 be of good cheer; I have overcome means conquered

V33 conquered the world is talking to believers. Believers do not fight to win a victory. Jesus totally secured it for us. Our faith in God is for the express purpose of receiving the victory we already have.

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